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I teamed up with Maverick Media and Marmalade Games to come up with a 30" spot for the new Monopoly Sudoku mobile app. Marmalade wanted to highlight the online multiplayer aspect of the app which was one of the prominent Selling points but probably unfamiliar territory for most traditional Sudoku players.


UK lockdown, caused by COVID19, also provided a unique challenge we had to overcome. I came up with an idea that blended stock footage with some slick motion graphics and I think the end product turned out great.



Watch the final 30" TVC


The difficult thing about coming up with creative in this instance is that, Sudoku just isn't that fun to look at. It's in the players mind, that's where the fun is happening. On paper it's just a bunch of numbers.  A-ha, that's it. We'll dive into the

imagination of the players. That's where they are competing. This also gives us the opportunity to incorporate the Monopoly characters which are so popular and important to the franchise.

3d Hero.jpg


I lead production focusing on forming the overall animatic/edit and creating the 3D scene before putting the finishing touches on the rest of the motion graphics.

Assets had been provided to us via Marmalade directly from the game build and some tweaking was needed in order to get them production ready.

I used Cinema 4D to create the 3D scene. I built the tiles and set myself which gave me great flexibility on how the game mechanics worked


Thanks to the team I worked with and Maverick for being a rock. I really enjoyed providing a solution for this product. I've played the game and I can tell you it's great fun even for a newbie Sudoku player. Download yourself and give it a try.

Get in touch if you'd like to know how I could help produce exciting creative for your next product or service. I'd love to help.

In the meantime, pay your taxes!

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