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On a regular basis, I get to work with the lovely people at King creating some sweet videos for games including, Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, Pet Rescue Saga and, Bubble Witch Saga.

King have a hugely collaborative approach which sees me join their team to brainstorm fun and exciting ideas. It really feels like a safe space with lots of support and freedom, and I always have so much fun working with them.

Below are just some examples of the videos I've made for them...


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Real Life 
Gummy Bears

Slightly embarrassing video featuring me. The Gummy Bears are joining me on the sofa for a game of Candy Crush Soda Saga. With each successive candy match, more Bears appear and the excitement intensifies. 

This video involved shooting footage, adapting the Gummy Bear rigs from the games team in Sweden, tracking & animation, and compositing the Bears back into the shot.


This video featured the colourbomb and fish candies entangled in a piece of string. The simulated player must free the special candies before they can be used on the gameboard.

My main aim in this creative was to really deliver on the impact of the colourbomb hitting the gameboard. By creating a vortex and shockwave effect you understand the importance of these "booster" candies and how powerful they can be. 

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Phone Frame_NoShadow.png

Elevator 3D

In this video we see Mr. Toffee escape a herd of candy monsters before taking the elevator of doom.

I used Cinema 4D to create the environment in this video and composited all the characters after with the camera tracking data from the 3D scene.

Sugar Rush

All of the videos you see are created in 1 week from the idea to the final delivery.

The team at King is so efficient and seasoned that they have the ability to produce a huge amount of original content. The videos used are tested in the market and then the team adapts to improve the output for the next batch of videos.


They truly are a creative powerhouse. 

JetSki Chick

Nothing to see here just a chicken catching some waves on a jetski, matching candies, and dodging blockers.

I had a lot of fun creating a custom character for this video. Also, there were some fun challenges like creating procedural water and creating the whole video at 4x the framerate in order to add slow-motion sections.

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Phone Frame_NoShadow.png

Turkey Run

One of my favourite things to do when working with King is creating new characters to fit into the franchise. This little turkey needed to be drawn up ready for thanksgiving. Watch this cute little fella navigate through rough terrain in this video promotion for the Farm Hero Saga.

Crushed it!

If you're looking for exciting creative like this for your next project please get in touch. Until then join the Kingdom, download Candy Crush Saga now. Available on the app store or online. 

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