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Mirriad uses proprietary AI-powered tech to analyze content finding the most effective brand placements. My job as one of the artists was to composite photo-real brand placements into that video content. This was often in the form of signage, video, and physical product placement.


A New Era of Advertising


This video shows a breakdown of a typical project. Through the process of photography and photo manipulation, we were able to embed incredibly authentic and effective branding into high-profile network television.

These examples show the kind of diverse advertisements we could incorporate. Products, signage we even has the ability to carry out complete car replacements. 


With 4000+ hours of content and 10,000+ ad opportunities, Mirriad in-content advertising solves today’s biggest media challenges. Declining reach, ad fatigue, and shrinking targeting options have made it harder than ever for brands to reach their audiences.

According to the stats on Mirriad’s website, these native video advertisements perform considerably well, with an increase in brand awareness, favourability, and consideration. However, none of that would be the case if the embedded digital advertisements we created weren't convincing and authentic. The challenge here wasn't to stand out but to be invisible. 

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