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Over the past 5 years in the industry I've had the pleasure of working for some of the world's most valuable  brands and organisations. I feel very fortunate to have met and grafted alongside some extraordinarily talented people. I pride myself on an exceptional work-ethic and a great desire to continue learning.

First Class Honours BA in Animation. A 3D animation background with substantial design, illustration and drawing proficiency.

Easy-going cinephile and self-shooting director.  Trying to make my mark at local film-festivals** with some success. I enjoy keeping fit and playing music.

**Winner -MCM ComicCon Film Race 2016 | Best visual effects - Portsmouth International Film Festival 2016 | Very, very, very best - DVmission 10 year anniversary | Best film - DVmission 2015 | Best Drama and Best Short Film - WSFF | Best Film and Best Story -DVmission 2014
 Scott Castles - Animator



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