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Winning MCM comicon Film race

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

To finish an entire 5-minute film in less then 48 hours, you have to have some super-hero filmmaking abilities.

Luckily for us we must have them because we did it and we won this competition twice in a row.

The competition works by giving the entries a set of rules and 48 hours to write, direct and edit and film. It's a really tough challenge but also incredibly rewarding

Here was our most recent entry: Any hero will do

The rules we had for this film were:


Title: Any hero will do

Line of dialogue: "If we do this, we'll never see them again"

Prop/action: A glass, from which liquid is drunk


And here was our previous entry


Title: Into the ashes

Line of dialogue: "Am i supposed to be scared now."

Prop/action: A USB drive that is repeatably unable to access.


We ended up winning a pile of goodies. Including a macbook, green screen and a bunch of comic-con merchandise.

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