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Project: Night rose

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Night rose is an independent film made by the studio Beagle Create about a old woman's passion for surfing. It was written and directed by Harry Anscombe. 

I was approached initially to finesse a few shots with the addition of some light visual effects. By the end of the project I created the final grade for the whole film and created the film poster.    

I made the poster (above) using this original image (below). It only needed a subtle touch. Removal of grain, extending the edges and some colour adjustments. The director wanted a dream like feel to the final image.

Before and after

Unfortunately the project can't be viewed right now as it's on the festival circuit. However here is some still frames to show how I transformed the frames from flat uninteresting shots into harsh and moody scenes which mirror the films subject matter.

The main theme was that the life Rose was leading was bleak and that's something we focused on incorporating into the grade. This waves crashing against the shore were graded to look harsh and unforgiving. I replaced the mountains for something more accurate to the area and appropriate to the story all before emphasising the mood with the fog and grade. Again focusing on the bleak and harsh tones whilst trying to maintain warmth in Rose and the story coming from her eyes was key. There were a few day to night conversions. The idea was that Rose is surfing at the dead of night. Most of the shots originally were at sunset and just after, so the colour needed to be addressed and I also added some stars in the sky to cheat the effect even more. Similar again with the colour correction but also the lights were made to look a bit more dream like.

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