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Broken Bricks


Director / Animation Supervisor / 3D Artist


This video was made as a teaser campaign to raise money for a feature film. It was created to generate buzz alongside the release of the PokémonGo app. The idea was that if we made a video which incorporated 3D real life Pokémon into a world with gentle references to the original game and cartoon we'd be able to capture the imagination of the fan-base enough to want to see more. 

Misty looking curious
Oddish waking up
Pikachu reunited with Ash Ketchum
Oddish Confused


Bringing the Pokemon to life was obviously one of the biggest challenges we faced in making this film. This process began on set making sure we prepared as much as we could for the animation process. Each shot, that would eventually have a CGI character in, we made sure to pick up empty plates and HDR bracketed photography of our mirror ball to create accurate lighting later in a 3D environment. 

On set for the Pokemon shoot
Me using the BlackMagic Cinema Camera
Director and Sound engineer looking throught Black Magic at Misty

Here's some of the HDRI's we made to go along with the environment.



When it came to the compositing the challenge was to create a world which felt real and the Characters/Pokemon felt grounded in that reality but also doing service to the original cartoon and making it feel vibrant and playful. 

Misty without Oddish
Misty with Oddish
No oddish
Oddish appears
Before Pokemon Stadium
After Pokemon Stadium
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