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Directing & 3D Animation


Pokémon: Viral Campaign


Broken Bricks

My role:

Director / Video editor / 3d Artist


This video was made as a teaser campaign to raise money for a feature film. It was created to generate buzz alongside the release of the PokémonGo app. The idea was that if we made a video which incorporated 3D real life Pokémon into a world with gentle references to the original game and cartoon we'd be able to capture the imagination of the fanbase enough to want to see more. 


On-set Photography


We had to create some custom HDRI's whilst on location in order to composite the Pokémon.


'Oddish' composited into frame.

The idea was that using really saturated colours would help integrate the Pokémon. Also seeing as the original references are of the cartoon it made sense to have a grade which paid homage to that.

Visual overhaul here with the original fort being made into a old used Pokémon stadium.

We didn't reach our budget from the campaign but you can still check out our plan by clicking here.