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Loose Change
Directing & 3d Animation

Image by Scott Castles property of Castles create

Loose Change



Broken Bricks

My role:

Director / 3d artist / Video editor


Broken Bricks production regularly commission small comedy sketches. This was a simple idea of a Goblin stealing money form innocent arcade gamers but the guys at Broken bricks wanted to breath a lot of life into the design of the goblin and really create something which would cause a reaction from the audience. I directed this video and created the goblin creature using a variety of 3d techniques. 

Additional credits: 

Produced by Vanessa Hetherington. Sound mix by Scamble Soho


Concept art

I designed the creature first through rough sketches, then moving onto a zbrush sculpt before creating the fully rigged character in 3ds max.


Lighting and rendering


I created a custom HDRI from the photo's taken on set. I also made a Plasticine model for even more lighting reference.