Castles Create
Castles Create

Graphic Design

Graphic Design


Product Design and Visualizations

This cube was designed by me using 3ds Max. It was developed as a Augmented Reality business solution.

The Idea being that the user could manipulate the cube and learn about the business in a much more intuitive and fun way.


Broken Bricks Films

I created this Logo for my Film group 'Broken Bricks'. It was very important to us to have a logo which felt like it was cracked and beaten up but was also vibrant and clear to understand even when very small.


I also created a small motion Ident to go along with it.

Omega VR 


I rendered these Omega watches for a presentation to create an Omega Augmented Reality experience on Ipad.


Created in 3ds Max. Rendered using Vray.


Babywhipes Dispenser

I modelled, animated and rendered this prototype of a new baby wipes dispenser.

Created using 3ds max



Final Video was produced by Kevin Dawson 

Bricabrac Games

I created this Logo for my games company 'Bric A Brac games'. We wanted the style to be very retro to fit in with the old school gaming culture but to have a modern twist.