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Castles Create
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DanTDM & Friends - Lead Storyboard artist & Character Animator

Some of my work towards Dan TDM series one on youtube red. I was lead storyboard artist on this project as well as character animator. Animation, illustration, storyboarding.

DanTDM - Creates a scene series 1. Youtube red. - Storuyboarding and character animation by  Scott Castles (Castles create)

DANTDM - Creates a big scene


Endemol Shine/Electric Robin

My role:

Lead Storyboard artist & Character animator


DanTDM and friends is a show commissioned by youtube as part of their on demand service (youtube red). It follows the adventures of one of today's most beloved bloggers and his band of imaginary friends. It was my job to over-see a lot of the pre-production. Attending table reads and liaising with the director in regards to the storyboards. I then led a team of 3 other artist to complete 6 episodes of storyboards in less then 2 months. Once we entered into production I joined the animation team to help bring the characters to life.



Official Trailer



Here's just a few examples of storyboards I made for the first episode;